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Trained Therapy Dogs

Due to the increased demand of trained therapy dogs and our desire to maintain high standards of training, the wait time for a trained, adult dog is 1 year.   However, there is no wait for contract or puppy training.  We offer a variety of training options and each contract is customized to fit your needs.

If you are confident in your ability to follow through and maintain the training of a young dog, we can get a puppy started and the cost would be on the lower end.  If you have never had a dog before and you need him to move into your house or facility with little effort, the price will naturally be higher.

The prices range from $4,000 (therapy dog) to $10,000 (fully trained Service Dog).  If you are interested in one of our dogs, please email me for an application.  The dogs are fully vetted (neuters/spayed and shots), and they come with a training video,  a crate, leash and collar.  The buyer is responsible for any shipping or transportation cost ($300 to $400).

DIESEL (DOB 3-1-10) has been SOLD to a nice family in Florida.  He does not SHED and is hypoallergenic.  He has been in training with Dog Builders since he was 8 weeks old.  He is leash trained, crate trained, house trained, well socialized, and has had many hours of therapy work with children and adults.  SHOWN IN PHOTO ON RIGHT AND BELOW

NIKKI (DOB 3-1-10) has been SOLD to a nice family in South Carolina.  She is a female black golden doodle.  She does not SHED,  is hypoallergenic and weighs about 35 lbs.  She has been in training with Dog Builders since she was 8 weeks old.  She is leash trained, crate trained, house trained, and is well socialized.  She would make a terrific companion dog.  She is quiet, sweet, and loves attention.                                                            NIKKI IS ON FAR LEFT IN PHOTO BELOW

OTTO Renamed EINSTEIN  (DOB 2-10-10) SOLD is a golden colored doodle.  He will lose a little coat, but not shed profusely.  He is leash trained, crate trained, house trained, well socialized, and will be anyones best friend if you pet him once.  He is perfect for a resident dog or dog for schools.  EINSTEIN IS THE LAST DOG ON THE RIGHT (photo to the left)

We work by contract and we accept reservations at any time.  We customize training to fit your facility’s needs.  We have access to acute care settings, schools, rehabilitation facilities, malls, restaurants, and any other environment your dog will need to be exposed to.  Several of these dogs do not shed and are hypo allergenic.

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