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Class Schedule-January 5, 2015

Call Susan at 815-590-8008 to reserve your spot!

LEARN ‘N PLAY      River Ridge Animal Hospital – Monday Nights

Get your puppy off to the right start!  The Learn ‘n Play Puppy Program allows puppy owners to train and safely socialize their puppy during important phases of development.  Puppies learn how to share and how to play well with others.  Owners learn the difference between normal play and rough play.  We teach you when to intervene and when to let the puppies work it out.  Learning proper playing skills at a young age may prevent your dog from becoming a bully.

Puppy Pre-SchoolMonday 5:30-6:15 p.m.  Class limit 6 puppies, 10-16 weeks of age.  Description:  Safe, supervised group playtime.  We tackle common puppy problems like housebreaking, nipping, chewing, and jumping.  Prerequisites:  Vaccines commensurate with age.  $45 (4 sessions)  

Kindergarten – Monday 6:30-7:30.  Class limit 5 puppies, 12-20 weeks of age.  Description:  We introduce and focus on getting your pup’s attention, sit, down, stay, and polite greetings.  We tackle common “problem” puppy behaviors like jumping, nipping, and mouthing, as well as begin teaching loose-leash walking and coming when called.  Our puppy obedience class focuses on age-appropriate behaviors in a fun, relaxed environment, designed to introduce your puppy to basic skills that will set the foundation for later learning. We focus on a set of core skills that every puppy needs to be a happier, more well-behaved dog.  Prerequisites: Vaccines commensurate with age.  $75 for continuing students, $100 for new students.  (6 sessions)

Training and playtime sessions are run by Licensed Educators and Professional Dog Trainers with over 40 years of teaching people and dogs.  

CONTINUING EDUCATION      Rock Falls Community Center – Tuesday Night

High School - Tuesday 6:00-7:00 p.m.  Class limit 10 dogs, Puppies 6 months and older.  Description:  This class is for adolescent dogs that have had limited training and exposure.  Most dogs learn quickly at this age so we provide new exercises to keep the dogs engaged.  Our tier training method ensures that even an intermediate student will be challenged.   Prerequisites:  Bordetella, 1 or 3 year Rabies and DHPP.   $75 for continuing students, $100 for new students.  (6 sessions) 

Canine College – Tuesday 7:00-8:00 p.m.  Class limit 12 dogs.  Description:  This class is for experienced students only.  We keep it fun, educational, and challenging.  In addition to maintaining excellent obedience skills we also offer off leash training AND a variety of fun exericses that include:  Rally Obedience, Agility training, Trick Training, and Therapy Dog Skills.  Prerequisites:  Bordetella, 1 or 3 year Rabies and DHPP.   $100 new students (4 sessions);  $100 continuing students  (6 sessions);  $100 membership (12 sessions).

Private Obedience Training:  Description: Private one-on-one instruction covers basic obedience in and around the house, with on and off-leash control. You will learn how to effectively communicate with your dog and solve basic behavior problems like jumping, housebreaking, barking, and nipping. After on-leash skills are mastered, you will learn voice control over your dog from a distance, hand signals, and distraction control.  Prerequisites: Non-aggressive to humans.  $50 per session (outside) $75 per session (inside)

WSDR AM 1240 Presents Susan Jakobs, Host of a new show about DOGS  - all dog talk, all the time (well only the second Thursday of every month at 8:35 a.m.)  Feel free to share my broadcast with family and friends.  If you want a topic covered,  let me know and I will do my best to address the issue!  

#1 All about Poop (April 2014)


Thank you clients for a successful “Training in the Park” summer series.  Congratulations to all my students.

IMG_5860 IMG_5597


Educating the public about dog behavior and the care and training of their canine partner is our mission.  The trainers at Dog Builders utilize a ‘Balanced Training’ approach to working with clients and their dogs.  We evaluate the needs of the owner and the dog before a training program and equipment is customized to build or rehabilitate your companion.  We utilize many different training techniques and positive reinforcement is always a part of our training programs.

The Head Trainer for Dog Builders, has been training dogs and people professionally since 2000.  Susan is Certifier for Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs, and an evaluator for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Puppy Star Program.  Susan’s specialty is therapy dogs and she has trained over 490 therapy dogs for acute care settings.

Are you interested in giving back to the community by working with your dog?  Give us a call, we can help get you there.

We will raise and train companion dogs or train your dog as a fully trained Service Dog.  Some families just need a jump start and some families need us to have their dog for longer.  We can make a difference in a short period of time.  The video below shows the typical result of a 4 month old puppy that had 3 weeks of training.

Nikki lives in South Carolina and loves to sleep on this chair.

Papasan chair….for me?

The videos below are a sampling from my 100+ dog videos on You Tube.

Susan is photographed with Grover, who was trained and sold as a Professional Rehabilitation Dog for St. Vincent Seton in Indianapolis.  He was in training for over 1 year.  Aside from helping the patients, he brings a smile to all that meet him.

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